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Best Massage Guns in 2022
- Our Top 5 Picks -

It's no secret that many people love their electronic massage gadgets. However, the market is flooded with countless brands, models and manufacturers of different kinds of massagers; choosing the right one for your needs can be confusing. To make things easier for you, We've done some research to determine which are the best massager guns in 2022.


The reviews below will give you a better sense of the features and benefits of each product, so that you can get the best items for your money.

It's time to make your research work easier; here are our top 5 recommendations:

We've helped over 300,000 consumers find the best massage gun to buy online.



Happygun Pro




"Best Value for Your Dollar" Award


Item Weight:  2.28 pounds

24-Month Warranty

Signature features such as calorie tracker, thermometer and heart rate monitor in a massage gun compared to expensive brands

Free gifts with Purchase (Jade roller, eye massager, etc.)

8 unique attachments; 6 different colors

One of the longest battery life of up to 8 hours in this list

Offer free shipping on all orders in United States

30-Day Money Back Guarantee




Item Weight: 3 pounds

Hypervolt Plus



Strong pressure

Battery life up to 6 hours

Attachments are well made


negative sign.jpg

One of the more expensive ones on the list

negative sign.jpg

Heavier than other options




Theragun G4 Pro



Lightweight and Superior build

Multiple arm angles

The handle is easy to grip


Item Weight: 2.9 pounds

negative sign.jpg

Limited to two speeds

negative sign.jpg

Louder than other massage guns

negative sign.jpg

One of the more expensive ones on the list




Item Weight: 2.2 pounds




Premium build

One of the quietest massage gun 

Offers up to 3200 strokes per minute


negative sign.jpg

Battery doesn’t last very long




Ekrin B37



Quieter than most

Heavy-duty and reliable

Offers 5-speed shift adjustments with different frequencies


negative sign.jpg

Only have 4 attachments 

negative sign.jpg

Battery does not last as expected


Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

When looking for a massage gun, it is important to consider what you are using the device for. If you prefer something more portable and light weight that can travel with you from home to the office, then you may want to choose an aluminum construction. If you are looking for something that has the most possible speed adjustments, then go with a corded option, but keep in mind that it will limit your mobility. Whichever model you choose, rest assured that all of our five top picks were tested by real users and approved.

The massage guns listed above are five of the highest quality, most trusted brands on the market. They come with many different attachments to suit your needs. The cordless models are limited only to where you have access to an electrical outlet for charging so they tend to be less powerful than their corded counterparts. Electric models are more powerful, but they're also heavier. While the weight won't be an issue for most people, it does contribute to fatigue if you plan on using your massager for a long period of time.


Lastly, while some gun-style massagers don't have adjustable speed settings, all five brands above do. The more speeds your massage gun has, the more control you have when choosing what type of massage you receive. By using a massager that covers all aspects of need, such as comfort and portability, social media is filled with positive reviews after people purchase and tried these top-rated brands for themselves.

Things to Consider While Buying Percussion Massagers

Percussion Massagers have a number of significant advantages. The following guidelines to check while comparing the massage guns include:

  • Speed Levels: The better it is for you, the more speed levels there are. It indicates that you have complete control over your massage.

  • Attachments: You should always pick a versatile massage gun. It will ensure that you may modify the massage to meet your specific demands.

  • Battery Time: Ideally, the electric massager should at least last for 2 hours on a single charge. When that is the case, you can accomplish multiple massage sessions on a single charge.

  • Noise Output: It's a waste of money to purchase a loud massager. You would annoy everyone in the vicinity. As a result, you should get a massage gun with an audio production of less than 70 db.


The following four criteria will assist you in selecting the best massage gun.


So, when shopping for the best handheld massagers, what are the top five options to consider? To make it simple for you to choose the one that suits your needs, we've compiled a list of alternatives. You may use our purchasing guide if you're perplexed by these choices.

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