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11 Ways Massage Guns Can Help Your Gym Succeed

It's no secret that massage therapy is a great way to help reduce stress and muscle pain. What you may not know, though, is that massage guns are also a very viable option for your massage needs. These machines provide many of the same benefits as traditional massage therapies without having to find someone who will come out to your location or pay for expensive treatments from an in-office therapist. Here are 11 ways massage guns can help make your gym succeed:

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1) They're portable - You don't need any fancy equipment or even electricity to get started with massage guns. All you'll need is some room on the floor and enough space between two walls so you can walk around freely while holding the gun at arm's length. This means they're perfect for massage therapists who are on the go or need to travel.

2) They're easy to use - This is probably one of the best benefits massage guns have over traditional massage therapies. Unlike massage chairs, which can take years of practice before you feel like an expert at it, anyone can use massage guns after only watching a quick video demonstration. Most massage therapists can do everything they need to do with these machines in just 15 minutes or less, and then the rest of your session time (up to 90 minutes) can be spent giving actual massage therapy treatments rather than teaching people how to work the equipment.

3) They save money - According to industry studies , professional massage therapists earn about $1 per minute when they give massages. With massage guns, this rate can be cut in half or even more. Plus, massage therapists pay for their own insurance and massage chair rental fees which you'll save money on by using massage guns.

4) You don't need a license - Since massage guns are simple to use, anyone who is 18 years old or older can use them with your permission. This makes it easy to get started at many gyms across the country without any special licensing required. And since they're so affordable, if you don't like it after giving it a try, there's no loss of investment.

5) They offer quick relief - One reason massage therapy is so popular is because most people see results within just 20 minutes of their first session. Comparatively a massage therapist takes a lot longer to give a massage and having them come out can be inconvenient. With massage guns, you can do everything from giving your team members quick relief from muscle tightness to setting up an entire room of massage stations so people can get treatments whenever they feel pain or discomfort during their workout.

6) They're customizable - Just like massage chairs , massage guns offer lots of different accessories that you can add on for even more customization options. You'll have the option to add in just about anything you want including heating options, lights, aromatherapy dispensers, hand straps, and more.

7) They make great gifts - If any of your family members or friends are fitness buffs who lead very busy lives, massage therapy can be a great gift for them. They'll love you for the thoughtful and useful gift and they're likely to use it on a regular basis.

8) You can upsell massage chairs - If you already have massage chairs, then adding massage guns into each massage chair is probably your best option since having two types of massage equipment makes it easier for people to schedule their appointments with both machines available instead of only one type. In this way, massage chairs make the perfect upsell to massage guns.

9) They improve productivity - Since massage guns allow more people to get treatments at once without slowing down productivity time, they're a better fit for most gyms than traditional massage therapies that require lots of advance planning and scheduling from your massage therapist.

10) They help reduce injuries - Massage therapy is one of the best ways to help your team members rehab from muscle injuries and other workout pain. When their muscles are relaxed and loose, they're less likely to get injured, which means you'll have a safer, happier working environment that will lead to greater profits for your business.

11) They have a low cost of ownership - Unlike massage chairs , massage guns don't require any special electrical outlets or massage therapists' fees since anyone can use them with a quick video demonstration. If you add in all the benefits massage gun rentals provide while saving on massage chair rental fees, then these machines have an extremely low total cost of ownership when you consider how much money they can save and earn for your business.

The massage gun is a great tool to use in the gym because it can reduce stress, help muscles feel better, and help with injuries that may be caused by working out too much.

It also helps massage therapists who charge per minute, as they only make $1/minute instead of the usual $15/minute. Anyone can use massage guns as long as they have permission from management which makes massage therapy accessible to all types of people whether they work at the gym or not.

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