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12 Massage Gun Advantages, Drawbacks, and Things to Consider

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Portable massage guns are electronic devices that massage therapists frequently use to relieve pain and improve blood circulation. They accomplish this by creating vibrations that are applied to the skin using a massage gun head.

But it's not just vibrations from massage guns. Massage guns, as opposed to high-end foam rollers with vibration therapy, provide something more profound.

Percussion therapy is the term used to describe these deeper vibrations. This is why they are also known as percussion massagers. A therapist can provide a deep massage, but having a massage gun in hand takes it to the next level.

These devices, on the other hand, aren't just found in spas and massage parlors; they've made a name for themselves thanks to endorsements from athletes and celebrities. As a result, they've turned into their own DIY therapists.

They are an excellent alternative to other wellness tools such as the foam roller. If you can't bring your therapist with you, you can definitely bring a massage gun.

So, let's see how effective percussive therapy with massage guns is. We will go over both the health and practical benefits of massage guns.

Massage Gun Advantages You Should Be Aware Of:

Relaxation and overall body and mind wellness

It is impossible to overestimate the value of mental and physical well-being. In fact, the reason we work so hard is to achieve a state of bliss both within and without ourselves.

What else matters, you say? A percussion massager is a wellness tool that can help you achieve body and mind peace. How?

Stress Relief

Massage guns, when used correctly, especially by a massage therapist, can help the body release dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals are in charge of happiness and overall body relaxation. However, you must know where to strike and how much pressure to apply.

Sleeping Improvements

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem, especially in this day and age. Because there is so much to do, we have to deal with irregular sleeping patterns on a daily basis. We won't go into how much sleep you need, but sleep is important for focus, alertness, libido, cardiovascular health, and cognitive function. Regularly massaging your body releases serotonin, which keeps you relaxed. If you do it correctly, your body will also release melatonin, a chemical that is responsible for keeping you asleep when you need to be.

Immune System

There has yet to be extensive research into how percussive therapy affects the immune system. Percussion massage guns, on the other hand, have been shown to improve blood circulation (more on this later). This means that white blood cells and lymphocytes, which fight bacterial infection, can move through the body more quickly. Percussive therapy's relaxation effect generally means that the body is always ready to fend off attacks.

Increased Concentration

Because percussive therapy improves blood circulation, it also means that your brain is getting the proper amount of oxygen it requires to function at its best. An increase in oxygen within the brain improves cognitive function, resulting in a sharper sense of focus.

The good news is that all you need is a good percussion massager to accomplish all of this. Now, to get the best results from some of these benefits, you'll probably need to consult with a therapist or someone who is familiar with deep tissue massage therapy.

Increased Circulation of Blood and Lymph

This is most likely the most significant benefit of massage gun therapy. Everything revolves around proper blood circulation.

The blood vessels are the pathway to a living body; the better the pathways, the faster the transportation of blood and nutrients, and thus the healthier the body.

Massage guns have been shown to improve blood flow in specific areas of the body. A full body massage with these devices, on the other hand, ensures better circulation throughout the body.

Improved blood circulation means improved nutrient and oxygen supply within the body. Nutrients and oxygen are required for muscle repair and proper body function.

Poor blood circulation is harmful to your overall health. The following are some indications that your blood is not flowing as it should through your body:

  • Constant exhaustion

  • Legs and arms that are swollen

  • Inability to focus and concentrate

  • Muscle cramps that are excruciating

  • Arms and feet that are cold

However, there are several lymph nodes located throughout the human body. These nodes function as mini-bunkers, storing the weapons required to combat infections within the body.

They are hidden deep within the body or, in some cases, beneath the skin. Lymphocytes are the name given to these weapons.

Massage gun therapy stimulates these nodes, causing lymphatic fluids to be released to areas of the body where they are needed.

The selection of a massage gun is also important in this case. You'll probably only need a mini massage gun to stimulate blood flow.

Muscle Mass and Strength

Anyone who works out, especially those who lift weights, knows that if you want to increase muscle strength and mass, you must go heavy and for a longer period of time.

Pushing the envelope, on the other hand, entails dealing with the fallout. Typically, painful aches within the muscles – this is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which we will discuss later. Gives new meaning to the adage "no pain, no gain."

However, since you have your handheld massage gun to take care of yourself after a strenuous workout, there is no need to be concerned about the soreness.

This means you can push yourself even harder in the gym. The end result will be larger muscles and a more powerful body.

Obviously, other factors such as diet and rest are important, but a massage gun is a huge plus.

Muscle Aches and Pains

DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness, can be excruciatingly painful and can last for up to three days after a strenuous workout. Massage gun therapy can significantly reduce your pain and get you back on your feet.

According to a 2014 study, vibration therapy can significantly improve muscle endurance, power, and kinesthetic awareness. This, in turn, greatly improves muscular performance, making DOMS obsolete.

But wait, I thought percussion massagers only provided percussive therapy, not vibration therapy? So, don't overthink it too much.

Both of these treatments rely on the same mechanism. Percussive therapy, on the other hand, goes a long way within the muscle for even better results. If vibration therapy is effective, percussive therapy is even more so.

Percussive therapy works by breaking up pain signals sent by your brain to your body when you are experiencing real-time muscle pain.

It's similar to what happens when you hit your head on a hard object and rub the painful spot with your hand. Perhaps not exactly, but you get the idea.

Sports Performance Enhancement

We know about massage guns because athletes can't stop talking about them. These devices would not have gained traction if people did not talk about them. And we're not talking about just any athletes or sportspeople; top performers, such as Marcus Rashford, have endorsed these weapons.

Because massage guns are effective at relieving pain and reducing muscle soreness, it is simple to train more effectively and, as a result, perform better.

Percussive therapy's efficient blood circulation means that the body is in top working order. Any top-tier athlete will tell you how important it is to have a relaxed body.

Rehabilitation is also known as post-injury care.

Massage gun therapy is highly recommended for rehabilitation treatment because it not only speeds up recovery but also helps to avoid re-injury.

Massage gun use during rehabilitation appears to be supplemental to standard methods of rehabilitation therapy. They aid in the recovery and healing of atrophied muscles caused by trauma or illness.

Because percussion therapy improves circulation in those areas (fascial tissues and muscles), flexibility improves and the healing process is accelerated.

Therapeutic massage guns are recommended if your injuries are related to:

  • Pain in the muscles

  • Sciatica

  • Muscle spasms and cramps

  • TMJ disorder

  • Discs that have herniated or bulged

  • Shin Splints are a type of shin splint

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that occurs in the wrist.

Pain Relieving

When it comes to pain relief, it is not all about painkillers, needles, and strict dietary supplementation. There could be a more natural and soothing way to relieve chronic pain.

You'll need the right massage gun and possibly an experienced massage therapist.

Massage the painful area gently to soften stiff joints and increase circulation. As the muscle enlarges and contracts around the distended joints, a pins-and-needles sensation may occur.

However, as newly oxygenated blood flushes in, the tissue relaxes over time and with carefully targeted therapy.

Stimulation of the Nervous System

If you want to live a long and healthy life, you must have good nerve function. Massage gun therapy can stimulate the nervous system and get it back up and running.

The nervous system collaborates with the brain to provide our bodies with feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. A high concentration of these chemicals results in increased focus and a generally positive mood.

Lactic acid release is facilitated.

Every athlete or gym-goer will tell you how frustrating it is to be working out and suddenly feel tuckered, nauseated, and cramped.

This occurs when there is insufficient oxygen in the body, causing the body to convert newly formed lactate into energy. Lactic acid accumulates faster than the body can burn it off.

A massage gun can assist in removing excess lactic acid from the circulatory system and getting you back up and running. This also aids in the reduction of DOMS that may occur later on.

Scar Tissue is Broken Up

Massage gun therapy has been reported to be very effective in reducing scar tissue, though this has not been proven scientifically. Not only that but percussive therapy has been shown to alleviate pain in the vicinity of these tissues.

As a result, massage gun therapy is recommended not only for sports injuries but also for post-surgery scar tissue treatment.

Increased Flexibility

Deep tissue massage provided by massage guns can aid in the removal of harmful fluids, the improvement of blood circulation, and the release of tension. This, in turn, aids in the improvement of tissue metabolism. This healthy exchange helps to prevent injuries and speeds up tissue repair.

This means that as you continue to exercise and eat healthier, your muscles and joints will become stronger and your flexibility will improve.

Injury Prevention

Deep tissue massage guns can be used to wake up the muscles before a workout. This is an excellent way to warm up (runners can appreciate it a lot).

Massage gun therapy as a warm-up ensures that your muscles receive adequate oxygen. It can also help to increase muscle temperature, which improves flexibility. This greatly reduces the possibility of injury.

The Bottom Line on the Benefits of Massage Gun

As you can see, the number of massage gun advantages vastly outnumber the number of concerns or drawbacks. One of the most important advantages of percussion massagers for us, and I'm sure for most users, is the ability to perform deep tissue therapy on yourself.

Sometimes you don't have time to see a masseuse or chiropractor, but you need relief right away. Individualized therapy is your best friend in this case. You can combine passive and active recovery methods (the active recovery being you massaging yourself) to achieve efficient muscle healing and pain relief.

We all experience stress as a result of our daily activities. However, if you don't manage your stress properly, it can harm your health in the long run. A massage gun could be a shortcut to successfully managing stress in the shortest amount of time and in the most convenient way possible, while also reaping the many other benefits associated with it.

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