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Happygun Review: Is A $147 Massage Device Better Than A Professional Massage?

What is the best massage? A professional one or a $147 Happygun Deep Tissue Massage Gun?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. If you need an intense deep tissue massage, then the Happygun seems like it might be better than a regular old-fashioned professional massage. But if you just want something to help with tension and stress relief, but don’t need anything too intense, then maybe a traditional relaxing massage would be more appropriate for you. Even though they are both good options for different reasons, we recommend trying out the Happygun first before spending money on a professional massage!

What is the Happygun and how does it work?

The Happygun is a new massage gun on the market that is said to be better than a massage. This $147 device is said to offer a deep tissue massage that can help relieve pain, tension and stress in minutes. But does it really work? Read our Happygun review to find out!

The Happygun is a handheld device that uses air compression to massage your muscles. It has eight different massage tips that you can use depending on what area you are targeting. The Happygun has three distinct versions, each with its own set of features. It also includes a heat and cold function, which is said to enhance the massage experience.

How does the Happygun compare to a professional massage?

Well, the Happygun does offer some unique features that you won’t find in a traditional massage. For example, the Happygun has a heating and cooling system, which means you can use it to treat certain conditions. Also, there are different types of Happyguns that have slightly different features. The Happygun Pro is one of these models. It includes a built-in thermometer, calorie monitor and heart rate tracker, which are all said to be helpful when working out. Happygun also offers a neck and shoulder head attachment, which is designed for more delicate areas on the body. So if you have any of these needs, then Happygun might be better than a regular massage!

So far there have been many Happygun reviews written online by average customers. This device seems like it would be great for athletes with muscle strains or other injuries. It could also come in handy at the end of a long day to help loosen up your muscles after sitting in front of your computer most of the day.

If you want something intense enough to relieve pain and tension in your muscles, then you might want to try out the Happygun because it promises intense deep tissue massage that feels similar to sports therapy techniques. It’s very affordable and is said to offer benefits like sports-therapy-like relief of pain, tension and stress. If you just need something relaxing then maybe a traditional massage would be better for you!

Who should use the Happygun and when?

"I found a great massager, it makes no noise, it has excellent power when I start doing it, I have no desire to stop because it relaxes your body completely." 

Rafael Carioca using Happygun Classic
Black Belt 2 Degree

"Absolutely love it! So many different heads to use to get different types of massages and really work into the muscles. Also very very quiet so it can be used practically anywhere that is convenient. I haven’t really put it down since I’ve gotten it and my body feels great!"

Drew Lugbauer using Happygun Pro
Professional Baseball Player
Atlanta Braves • University of Michigan

The Happygun is a great device for anyone who needs a deep tissue massage. It can help relieve pain, tension and stress in minutes, and is perfect for athletes or anyone with muscle strains or other injuries. The Happygun is also great for anyone who wants something intense to help them relax. Happygun has a variety of options so they can be used for different things. Happygun is also great for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer and needs to relax their muscles after a long day at work.

Happygun Prices: Where can you buy a Happygun? How does it compare?

Price comparison with professional massages: Happygun works out to about $14 per massage, while a traditional massage costs an average of around $60 per session. Even though Happyguns are more affordable, you might not want to buy one if all you need is a relaxing or light massage. Happyguns can be bought on Amazon for as low as $147 each, which makes them way cheaper than going to see your local masseuse! They can also be bought in bulk on the Happygun website, where Happyguns of all different types come with a lot of accessories. Happygun also offers warranty programs for their devices, which is something you usually only find with more expensive products.

Buy Happygun here: Amazon and

How to use the Happygun for best results

The Happygun can be a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to use. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Happygun massage:

- If you’re using the Happygun for the first time, start with the Happygun Mini. It has four massage tips that are perfect for targeting different areas of the body.

- The Happygun Pro is great for athletes or anyone who wants a more intense massage. It includes a built-in thermometer, calorie monitor and heart rate tracker. Where can you get massage guns that are comparable in qualities and price to this one?

- The Happygun Hot and Cold is perfect for reducing muscle stiffness, relieving fatigue and soreness, and relaxing muscles after exercise in order to speed up recovery and growth!

- Happygun comes with a full Happygun manual, which is filled with lots of tips and instructions on how to use Happygun. Happyguns also come with warranty programs so you can be confident in your purchase.

Is A $147 Massage Device Better Than A Professional Massage?

Yes. Happygun delivers a variety of functions and benefits at a lower cost than comparable high-end brands without compromising quality. It's well worth a shot!

The Happygun is not as intense as a professional massage, but it still offers some great benefits like the ability to treat certain conditions with the help of its heating and cooling system. It's also much cheaper than a professional massage, so it's worth giving a try!

To give it an overall score, we gave Happygun 4.8 out of 5 stars because it has a lot to offer for the price point and we think that people who need intense deep tissue massage would benefit from Happygun. We would recommend getting a Happygun and trying it out yourself so you can see what we mean!

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