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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

"I broke my arm severely last year in a pretty nasty accident. I also messed up a good chunk of my body. This left me with loads of pain in my shoulders, my back, my chest, my arms and hands, and my legs and knees, calves and feet... Yes, pretty much everywhere. What bothered me the most was not being able to help my wife with her pain, as I was her massage life line.

This massage gun tool, and I can not emphasize that word enough, TOOL, gives that back. With a variety of heads, I can provide the relief she needs, and the 30 setting range for intensity, lets me go from the parts of her shoulder that she needs beat up, to her knees where she needs a more mild treatment. For myself, I can use this between my therapy days, and can actually take fewer therapy appointments. My wife can easily help me with those spots on my back and shoulder that I can not reach myself. At $200 per session, it's already paid for itself. in a day. It's also IDENTICAL to the machine my therapist uses, and paid 4 times as much for. You read that right. The only difference we could detect was the label. End of the day, I am EXTREMELY happy with this tool. It's a major game changer. Solid construction, and great features are an unbeatable combination."


Massage Gun User


"I am truly in AWE of this massage gun!!! Since I started working out regularly, I’ve been having the nagging muscle soreness that comes with exercise. As part of my new lifestyle I started visiting a physical therapist twice a month to get my muscles professionally stretched so that I can continue to build on my flexibility as I gain strength. With that said, one of the best parts of my stretching sessions has always been the massage gun. However, the price point always kept the dream of owning my own massage gun as, well, a dream. I ran across this massage gun as I researched alternatives for those $600-700 massage guns and I’m so glad I ran across the Muscle Wand massage gun. Given the difference in price I was a little hesitant at first (I tend to gravitate towards well-known brand names), but the price was too good not to give it a shot- and I’m happy I did. This massage gun performs exactly like the one my physical therapist uses with almost one-sixth of the cost. Don’t let the lower price tag hold you back, though—construction on this massage gun feels solid, the motor feels powerful, and the noise is minimal compared to others. I’d highly recommend this item for people who are athletes or suffer from muscle soreness (although you should always consult your own doctor!) With this massage gun I’m able to perform very similar muscle treatments as my own physical therapist, and again—the price can’t be beat. Overall the machine is battery operated, includes a carrying case and several switchable massage heads."

Eddie M.

MW Massage Gun User


"I was so looking for a massage gun at the affordable price. I work out 5 times a weeks and used to go for massages every alternate week in order to relieve the muscle pain. Boy, this is a game changer. Now I can do it all at home. I was able to access almost all-parts of my body using this massage gun. It has a variable speed method. You just need to turn the lever at the bottom on and then turn on the power button in the touch screen. you can change the speed using + and - sign in the touch screen. it's a 30 stop speed massage gun and pressure is pretty relaxing.

My cousin has a real bad muscle knot and I used this massage gun in his lower back for about 10 mins and he felt instant relief. if you know your pain spot and anatomy behind the muscle groups, this is more than enough to be a foam roller and a pain reliever. HIGHLY Recommended."

Ashwin Kumar Nagarajan

Massage Gun User

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