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Why You Need A Massage Gun Amidst COVID-19

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The world has shifted its normal day-to-day activities ever since the global pandemic COVID-19 was declared last March 2020. Gyms and other recreational facilities have been closed down and people are discouraged to go out in public. Ever since then, people have been working out at home and it comes with its own challenges. Equipment is scarce and consistency is hard to maintain. Aside from the gyms, spa and massage centers are also forced to closed down in the pandemic so there are no facilities for unwinding and relaxation.

A massage gun is an excellent pain reliever, muscle relaxer, and workout tool. This handy device benefits the body in many ways that improve performance and speeds up the recovery process. There have been an increasing demand of massage guns amidst COVID-19 ever since the home workouts became trendy and has been the "new normal" for workout.

Massage Gun as a Home Workout Tool

1. It's a good pre-workout / warm up tool.

The benefits of using the massage gun before a workout is it can be part of your warmup. The massage gun will increase blood flow in the target muscle, prepping your body for the workout.

2. It enhances workout performance.

The vibrations from the massage gun provide deep tissue massage that helps improve blood and lymph circulation around the body. It triggers more production of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles which results in a speedy recovery, improved range of motion, and relieving muscle fatigue.

3. It's a handy recovery tool and relieves pain and tension.

Massage guns help in delaying onset of muscle soreness, which helps the muscle less likely to experience tightness and soreness after an intense workout or physical activity. Massage guns also promotes release of lactic acid, a compound that builds up when your muscles are deprived of oxygen during a workout. The massage gun releases that lactic acid from the muscles to the surrounding tissue thus reducing risk of muscle soreness.

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